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Plan 75

21st November 2023

By Chie Hayakawa
Japan | 2022 | 1h 53’ | 15 | Japanese with English subtitles

Chie’s dystopian debut about an opt-in euthanasia scheme for the elderly is less an argument about the merits and ills of the practice than a searing interrogation of how capitalism has made it too expensive to grow old with dignity.
Her quietly realist treatment makes for haunting viewing. It is precisely the ordinariness of Plan 75’s visuals that pricks the viewer’s conscience.
The film’s exploration of life’s sacredness, and its tender portrait of elderly relationships, transcend cultural specifics; it’s a resonant lesson in humanism. TA

"In its double portrait of the neglected elderly and the guilty young, the film offers a timely, compassionate reaffirmation of family ties in a fast-changing world." Tom Shone, Sunday Times

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