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Bridport Film Society comprises film-lovers in and around Bridport and across West Dorset. Our aim always is to introduce more specialised films to a broader audience, films that cannot be seen in local commercial cinemas. Most of these films are foreign, therefore subtitled, and give an insight into cultures other than our own. We offer a balanced programme of films made with integrity, often in difficult circumstances and on a low budget, which in no way resemble the blockbusters found in commercial cinemas.


Our first full season was in 1965 with screenings at Colfox School Hall and we have won many awards over the years, including Best Programme Notes, Runner Up Programme of Films, Runner Up Film Society of the Year and BFFS Gold Award.


Our season runs from September through to March each year, with films screening on alternate Tuesdays. Season booking typically opens on 1st September each year.


Bridport Film Society is a member of the Cinema for All and the Cinema for All South West group.

Film Societies

They were created in 1925 with one primary objective: to screen films that were otherwise unavailable. They provided an outlet for films that were censored during the 1920s and 1930s together with innovative material from European directors outside the Hollywood mould whose films were regarded as non-commercial by cinema owners, just as they are today. The movement grew rapidly - today there are around 300 societies across the UK with a total membership of over 36,000 film lovers.

Films in and Around West Dorset

Bridport Film Society is only one of the many places to see quality film in West Dorset and the surrounding areas. Below is a list of, and links to, the principle places to see great films in our area:

Bridport's film festival: the UK’s only film festival investigating the relationship between books and film each April, with authors, screenwriters, film directors and academics discussing and exploring the process of adaptation.

Screening films on state-of-the-art digital equipment.

Bridport's former picture house features occasional films as part of its entertainment calendar.

Dorchester's film society screening the best of world cinema.

A beautiful Art Deco cinema serving the county town of Dorset since 1933

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