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Official Competition

9th January 2024

By Mariano Cohn, and Gastón Duprat
Spain | 2022 | 1h 55’ | 15 | Spanish with English subtitles

A dark, witty send up of the movie-making industry and those that inhabit it, the film stars Penelope Cruz as eccentric director Lola Cuevas, tasked by billionaire businessman Don Humberto to secure his legacy. Working with a hot literary novel, which she adapts for screen Cuevas recruits two very different actors to play brothers. Rivero (Antonio Banderas) is a global superstar whilst Torres (Oscar Martinez) is a theatre traditionalist who values his craft. Both take an immediate and visceral dislike to each other and the clash of the egos begins. DS

"It dismantles the lofty ambitions of cinema as great, important and significant, a monument on the cultural landscape. Instead, it shows us art for ego’s sake, and it has a lot of wickedly spiteful fun doing so.", Wendy Ide, Observer

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