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Love According To Dalva

7th November 2023

By Emmanuelle Nicot
France/Belgium | 2022 | 1h 27’ | 15 | French with English subtitles

A brilliant debut film about the care system in Belgium and its handling of a case of child abuse, but told through the eyes of the innocent victim Dalva whose truth is on a different planet from the rest of society. Sensitively told, yet scary when you consider how the power of indoctrination and disinformation can sway a person's belief system: how truth is not absolute, and ethical behaviour is just a belief system. On our planet, at least, it has a happy ending. JD

"It’s an uncomfortable watch, but this assured French-language debut from director Emmanuelle Nicot negotiates its disturbing subject matter with delicacy, sensitivity and honesty." Wendy Ide, Observer

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