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23rd January 2024

By Eric Gravel
France | 2023 | 1h 28’ | 12A | French with English subtitles

Call My Agent!’s Laure Calamy gives a barnstorming performance as a single mother of two children barely keeping afloat, with debts mounting and unpaid alimony. Her childcare options are running out; her job is stressful; her commute to the centre of Paris, is precision-timed. Just when she thinks there’s a chance of a new job opportunity a strike paralyses the entire transport network. Director Gravel uses every tool at his disposal in this propulsive drama matching the nervy, lurching camera with a galloping, tumbling electronic score.

"It’s such an authentic and relatable film – so meticulously observed, in fact, that to be perfectly honest, I assumed it had been made by a woman." Cath Clarke, The Guardian

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