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Cairo Conspiracy

24th October 2023

By Tarik Saleh
Egypt | 2022 | 2h 01’ | 12 | Arabic with English subtitles

A tense political drama exploring the ruthlessness of a corrupt authoritarian state where the politics extends to corruption of the clergy. In the period following Egypt's regime crushing the Arab Spring uprising, the state's secret service is tasked with ensuring the "right"
candidate gets elected as spiritual leader of the Islamic faith to keep the dissenting Muslim Brotherhood under control. Naturally the pawns in the game are dispensible. Fascinating stuff. JD

"The film’s biggest coup is the common thread it finds in both worlds: military back rooms and holy offices alike filled with the ambitious jostling for position."" Danny Leigh, Financial Times.
Cannes Film Festival 2022 - Best Screenplay and Journalism awards."

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