21st March 2023

Certificate 15 / Laura Wandel | Belgium | 2021 | 72 minutes | French with English Subtitles

Young Nora’s well-meaning attempt to intervene when she sees her older brother Abel being bullied in the school playground shows how the taint of victimhood can override the bonds of friendship and family; and how doing the right thing can backfire. Frédéric Noirhomme’s camera is virtually a character in the story and equally impressive is the sound. With the camera locked on Nora’s tearful saucer eyes, much of the tension is created, vividly, outside the frame. A debut feature by writer-director Laura Wandel, it is piercingly insightful without ever labouring the point. A remarkable
achievement. JD

"Wandel’s film is too wrenching to be called a movie for children. But children would recognise the truth and the complexity of it, which is surely the highest praise.", Danny Leigh, Financial Times

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